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CONTINENTAL donate 10c to second bite with every box of CONTINENTAL SENSATIONS soup you buy*

Continental Soup are teaming up with Coles and SecondBite to champion education and fill the bellies of hungry Aussies.

Your parents might’ve told you as a child to eat every bit of food on your plate as there are hungry people all over the world less fortunate than you. But in fact, there’s also thousands of empty plates across our country daily – even in a country as prosperous as ours.

Food insecurity is an issue facing many Australians, with more than 1 in 7 experiencing food insecurity in Australia over the course of a year – that’s 3.6 million people who will not be able to feed themselves, or their families with safe, nutritious and appropriate food. More confronting still, for more than one million of these people, food insecurity is not a once-off, but a regular occurrence. So, we’ve teamed up with SecondBite and Coles to help fill bellies all over the country this winter.

Every time you purchase a box of our special stickered Continental Soup Sensations this July, we will donate 10C to SecondBite. Get in store to Coles to purchase your favourite Soup Sensations box and know when your belly is warm this winter, someone else’s is too.

More about food insecurity in Australia: 

Food insecurity can affect all kinds of people in our community from single parents, to students, to elderly people struggling to manage after the loss of a spouse. Families on low or single incomes, those in crisis with health issues, recent migrants, your colleagues and the children your kids go to school with are among those struggling to afford enough food. 

For some, all it can take is a stroke of bad luck, a large bill or unexpected redundancy to blow their tight budget, with quality, nutritious food often being one of the first basic needs to be forsaken for Aussies to get by financially.

For some, the decision can come down to whether to pay rent or buy food for that week. 

In fact, approximately one third of all those experiencing food insecurity in Australia are children. Food insecurity is an issue that does not only affect people who are homeless in our communities. It is in many ways largely invisible and may well be affecting the lives of people living in your own street or sitting next to you right now at work.

In Australia, we throw away an unbelievable amount of perfectly edible food every day. While the reasons behind food insecurity may be complicated, the bottom line isn’t – in short: we are throwing meals out while people go hungry.

Second BiteA mission to redistribute fresh, nutritious food where it's most needed.

In 2005, Ian and Simone Carson decided they could no longer watch good food go to waste and created SecondBite. Originally a gathering of a committed group of friends filling their cars with surplus food from restaurants and markets around Melbourne to redistribute to local community food programs, to a national partnership with Coles in 2011, the rapid expansion of its operations and reach through Coles has made SecondBite the retail network food rescue organisation of choice. 

55 million meals provided to those in need over the past seven years through the partnership alone. 

To date, SecondBite has redistributed over 48 million kilograms of food nationally, providing well over 96 million meals. SecondBite has operations in every state, and supplies fresh, nutritious food to over 1,300 agencies nationally, completely free of charge.

Find out more about SecondBite.

* For every Continental Sensations Soup product purchased in Coles displaying the 10C donation logo, Continental will donate 10C to Secondbite. Total donation amount will be $30,000. Promoter: Unilever Australia Limited.