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Chicken Buying Guide

Chicken Buying Guide

These days, the most common chicken people buy is skinless chicken breast fillets. And don’t get me wrong, they have their place when you want chicken that will cook quickly and absorb a lot of flavour. But read this “Chicken Buying Guide” on what chicken to buy and discover that, when it comes to chicken, there really is no such thing as a bad cut.

The cheapest and best way to buy chicken is always to buy a whole bird and then chop it up yourself – but I know everyone doesn’t necessarily have the time or the confidence to tackle that task. So if you’re not buying a whole chicken, the type of chicken you need depends on what you’re planning to make with it.

The darker meat around the legs has seen more exercise than the paler flesh around the chicken breast, so it suits slower cooking in casseroles or stews, because it’s tougher but also has more flavour. The tenderer breast meat is good for quick cooking, stir-fries or grilling, although drumsticks are also great on the barbecue.