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Meat Cuts Guide

Meat Cuts Guide

Know your cuts of Meat

One of the simplest and first things you need to learn when cooking is where each meat cut comes from on the animal. This will save many nights of eating tough, poorly cooked meat.

Meat can be tough for a few reasons and most of the time it is not because the meat is bad. If the meat has come from a part of the animal that works hard like the neck, lower leg, shoulder or ribs you need to cook it with a slower, moister cooking method like braising, stewing or pot roasting. If the meat comes from the tenderloin fillet, rump or scotch fillet you need to cook the meat with a quick dry cooking method like panfry, BBQ, stir-fry or roast.

When you next purchase your meat know what method you want to use to cook and for how long you want to cook it. Ask your butcher for advice.