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Fresh Fish Buying Guide

Fresh Fish Buying Guide

I like to see – and feel – my fish whole, with the head on as that’s the best way of telling if it is fresh or not. There are five key signs to look out for when buying fresh fish, so let this guide steer you to fresher, tastier fish every time:

  • The eyes of the fish will be glossy and clear.
  • The gills of the fish will be bright red, not oxidised to brown or grey.
  • The texture of the fish will be firm.
  • The scales will be shiny and tight, not loose and flaking away.
  • The fish won’t smell ‘fishy’. It should smell of the sea.

To get fresh fish, the best advice is to build a good relationship with your fishmonger. He will be able to steer you in the right direction. Buy the freshest produce you can and cook with the seasons – this way it will taste great and you’ll pay the best price. Cook your fish on the day you buy if you can.